Blackboard Assignments

Blackboard Assignments allow students to submit coursework and instructors to manage the grades and feedback for each student separately. You can create assignments in content areas, learning modules, lesson plans, and folders. When you create an assignment, a Grade Centre column is created automatically.

From the Grade Centre or Needs Grading page, you can see who has submitted their work and start grading. Students access their grades from their My Grades pages.

Adding an Assignment

Log into Blackboard

Select the particular course that you wish to create an assignment in from the My Courses list and ensure the Edit Mode is on.

It is good practice to add an Assignment link within the Assessment section in the Course Menu on the left so that the students know where to locate the assignments within the course module.


Enter the Assessment content section, choose Assessment on the Action Bar at the top and select the Assignment option.

On the Assignment Options page:

  • Type in an appropriate Assignment Name
  • Provide any assignment instruction files with the details of what is required from the students
  • Allocate the maximum mark for the assignment.
  • Dates can be specified showing how long the assignment will be displayed to the student.
  • Dates can be specified showing the assignment due dates.
  • The assignment can be allocated to groups if you have groups created.

Click Submit to complete. A corresponding column is added to the Grade Centre.

Blackboard Rubrics

A rubric is a scoring tool that you can use to evaluate graded work. When you create a rubric and provide clear descriptions of the characteristics of the work.

You can use the rubric to quickly give student feedback, and help students to organize their efforts to meet the requirements of the graded work.

When you allow students access to rubrics before they complete their work, you provide transparency into your grading methods.

See also more information on using Rubrics within Blackboard assignments:

Viewing the Assignment in the Grade Centre and Allocating a Grade

Within the Control Panel menu, click on the Full Grade Centre Option in the Grade Centre Menu.

Navigate to the Grade Centre column that corresponds to the particular Blackboard Assignment.

The symbol (similar to an exclamation mark, and known as the "Needs Grading" symbol) indicates that a student has submitted an assignment.

To view the assignment, hover over the symbol and a drop down arrow will appear.

Click on the drop down arrow and select the option 'attempt' as shown below.

This will show the student's assignment which you can browse through on line (see the inline grade section).

You can enter a mark in the attempt box as shown below.

Enter any feedback to the student and attach any feedback files. 

Finally click on the Submit button.

View the full Grade Centre again and you will now see the mark displayed in the Column for the particular students’ assignments you have graded as shown below.

Inline Grading

You can annotate and grade student assignment files directly within the browser. The inline viewer is powered by a third-party, cloud-based technology called New Box View. Learn more about the Inline Grading process:

Anonymous Grading

If you want to learn more about how to implement anonymous grading, please see:

Showing/Hiding the Grades to the Students

It is best practice to hide grades from the students until you have all the assignments corrected.

To hide the Assignment Column in the Grade Centre, place the cursor on the Assignment title, and click on the drop down arrow.

A menu is displayed, select the option 'Hide from Students (on/off)'.

View the Full Grade Centre again. You will notice a pink line through the Assignment Column. This indicates that the grades will not be displayed to the students.

To display the Grades to the students you can simply click on the drop down arrow again and re-select the Show/Hide to users section.

From once you have displayed the column to the students, the grades will appear in the Students' My Grades course menu item.

See for more information in the Blackboard manual on assignments.