Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have a Final Mark column in my module’s Grade Centre?

In this instance that you do not see the default Final Mark column, you should first check Manage > Column Organisation to check if the column exists, but is hidden from instructor view.  In this instance, you can select the column and choose to show it again in your Grade Centre. To ensure that you are looking for the correct column, check that it was created around July when new modules are created. If you are unsure, log a ticket. 

*Please keep in mind that this column has been created for you and that it should not be deleted or recreated. If it is missing, please log a ticket with the Service Desk.

I don’t use Blackboard, how am I going to return results?

Whether you use Blackboard in your teaching or not, a module will exist on Blackboard.  You can follow instructions on how to gain access to your module here.

What do I do with these columns? 

 You can complete your calculations in Excel, or use a Calculated Column in the Grade Centre.  

I missed the deadline for the return of marks.  What do I do?

Please contact your college office or Examinations for further advice

My columns don’t add up correctly; what can I do to fix this?  

Please refer to our Weighted Column section to check that you have set up your Grade Centre correctly. 

I copied content from my module last year to my new module and now I have two Final Mark columns.  How can I rectify this? 

If you have copied the Grade Centre from a previous year, go to Manage > Column Organisation and hide the erroneous columns from the previous year in order to start fresh.  Check the dates aligned with these columns to ensure that the current Final Mark column is used.  

Who to Contact