How do I get Blackboard access to a module I am teaching?

The standard method to enrol instructors on Blackboard courses is via the Akari Curriculum Management System. This ensures their instructor enrollment is maintained year to year.

Instructor access is through Akari.

If Akari is closed, you can log a ticket with the Servicedesk and ISS will add/remove you from your requested module.

In order to enrol a new instructor, follow these steps.

1. Log into the Akari Curriculum Management System at the following link. Simply enter your standard username and password:

2. Click on the “My Modules” link on the home page (shown in the red box below)

If nothing is returned on the My Modules search, choose All Modules, and search under the course code or name instead.

3. The following screen will appear:

4. Click on the “Module title” link of the course which you want to a Blackboard instructor

5. The following menu will appear. Click on “Assign Module Instructor” from the drop down menu.

6. The next screen will display a list of staff already assigned to the module. You can remove an instructor by clicking “Delete” across from their name or you can click “Add Teacher” to add an instructor to the list.

7. After clicking “Add Teacher” - the Module Instructors window will expand to allow you to search for the person you wish to add, see screenshot below. Enter the “Staff ID” or the “Name” you wish to search for. A list of possible people will be displayed. Click “Add” across from the account you wish to add:

8. The selected person will now appear in the list of Module Instructors:

Instructors will appear on Blackboard 24 hours after being added to the Akari Curriculum Management System