Blackboard Portfolios

Portfolios are organized collections of evidence of education, work samples and skills to tell a story about the creator's accomplishments and abilities.

Within a Blackboard Portfolio, you can collate a series of artifacts to tell that story.

Students can have more than one portfolio and portfolios can be downloaded to share outside of Blackboard.

Instructors can request that portfolios be submitted as a Blackboard assignment. To be sure that students are creating portfolios that follow the correct pattern, instructors may want students to use a specific portfolio template.

If you want to request a new Portfolio Template, please contact [email protected]

Portfolios are stored in the My Portfolios area of Blackboard. To access:

  1. Click your name in the top corner of the display to open the Global Navigation menu.
  2. Click the Tools link.
  3. Choose Portfolios.

You can add a Portfolios link within any of your courses in two ways,: either via the navigation menu bar (choose Tool link > Portfolios Homepage), or in the Tools area within a content section (choose Tools > More Tools > Porfolios Homepage), see screenshots.  

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