Known Issue: Student Preview on Turnitin Assignments

This article describes why the Student Preview feature does not work on Turnitin Assignments.

The Blackboard student preview  feature which is very useful for what students can/can't see in your Blackboard course do not work with Turnitin assignment submission links.

Please do not use this functionality in Turnitin as it can cause ongoing errors.

If you create a Turnitin assignment and then switch to Student  Preview to try out the link for yourself, then clicking on the  View/Complete link will produce an error message looking something like  this:

Turnitin have confirmed" The Turnitin - Blackboard LTI does not support Student Preview Mode for instructors. This functionality has been  blocked due to it previously causing issues with student limits and  mapping records, resulting in some assignments becoming unusable."

Please be reassured that this error only occurs when viewing a  Turnitin assignment using the Student Preview mode. Your students will  not see this error. They will be able to submit their work as normal.