Known Issue: Fix the turnitin error "Sorry, we could not process your request"

Some users noted experiencing a Turnitin error which states "Sorry, we could not process your request"  when you click on the link to your Turnitin assignment within your  course in Blackboard.

This is an issue that seems to affect the Safari web browser on a MAC but may also occur on a PC.

Fix this issue by following these steps to clear your web browser history in Safari.

1. Click on Safari in the toolbar menu.

2. Click on Clear History.

3. Select 'all history'.

4. Click on Clear History.

5. Quit Safari.

6. Enter your course and click on the Turnitin assignment link.

This also resolves the reported issue of ""Sorry, we could not process your request. Due to inactivity, your session has expired. To continue using  Turnitin, please fully close and re-enter this assignment. Refreshing  your browser will not resolve this issue."

Date Reported: 2nd Dec 2019