Other (MCQ-type) Test Considerations

Support and operational considerations

There are extensive online instructions on the setting up of  assessments and the use of Blackboard (see earlier section). It is not, however, possible for CELT, the  Exams Office, or ISS to set up the tests or assessments on behalf of academic units.

Please note that module coordinators (or the appropriate academic staff responsible for the examination/assessment of the module) have full responsibility for producing and managing their tests (and other assessments/assignments) on Blackboard.

Only those with Instructor status on Blackboard can manage the process presented above  and have access to the results.  

We would recommend that care is taken  in controlling access to the tests on Blackboard and that modules which currently have multiple instructors need to be particularly careful, and  possibly consider agreeing on one key coordinator/instructor.

In  normal circumstances, with on-campus examinations, lecturers are required to be available /contactable for questions that might arise and  the examinations are monitored by invigilators.

 In the current situation, there are no invigilator equivalents and the academic staff  member responsible for the exam/assessment must be online and contactable by students if there are issues. They will be able to take the decision as to whether and when to switch to the back-up plan, and  whether it is necessary to do so for individual students or the whole  class.

It is not feasible to have additional separate support provision for individual exams (and those taking the exams) whilst the exam is  live, unless the school is in a position so to organise.

Important: Full advice from the exams office can be found HERE 

Undergraduate Marks and Standards

Postgraduate Marks and Standards.