Grading your Online (MCQ-Type) Tests

Running and Grading your tests

You access tests that need grading on in the Grade Center.

A Grade Center column is created automatically for each test you create and link in your course. A test that has been submitted, but not  graded, is indicated with the Needs Grading  icon. Although the system scores many question types, you must grade some questions manually such as Essays, Short Answer, and File Response.

You have the option to grade tests anonymously, to grade all  responses to a specific question, and to give full credit for all responses to a question. You can also delete questions from a test or  clear a test attempt to allow a student to retake a test.

Monitor and access attempts in the Grade Center

The Grade Center will show students' test attempts and question responses. You may also find it beneficial to view and monitor this view as students are completing the test.

Access the Grade Center:

  1. On the Control Panel, expand the Grade Center section.
  2. Select Full Grade Center or the Tests smart view, if available, to access test attempts.

Grade a single test:

  1. Locate the cell for a student's test with the Needs Grading icon.
  2. Access the cell's menu and select Attempt. The Grade Test page appears.

Grade all attempts for one test:

  1. Access the test column's menu.
  2. Select Grade Attempts. The Grade Test page appears.

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