Inviting guests

Share your room with guest lecturers or students by email

  • You can send  the guest link to the session to anyone. This will effectively  give them a short-cut to the session and not require them to log in and authenticate through Blackboard.  Tutors should access the session via the Blackboard module to ensure you  have moderator permissions. Be careful about who you email the link to, as they will then have access into your session based on the start and end times you use.
  • You can also send the guest link to external people such as guest  lecturers  once the session has started you can then promote them to  enable them to present. Send a reminder an hour or so before the session is due to start with the guest link embedded again.

Go to your course, and find your Virtual Classroom, and locate the session you want to invite a guest to:

Click on the three dots in a circle

Click to enable your Guest Link. Click Save on the page and your guest link will be generated.

You can email this and send it to anyone who needs access.

How do I ensure only authorised participants can join my session?

The most secure way to join a Collaborate session is through your students accessing it directly from your Blackboard course. Sessions in a course require attendees to sign into the course  to access the session. Blackboard  authenticates the user and creates a unique session link that helps each  session identify the user. Each link is associated with an individual  session and a specific user in that session. This means that the link  only works for that user in that moment. The link to join session can't  be used again or shared with another user. Session links expire after 5  minutes.

Guest links provide an easy way to provide access to a Collaborate  session. However, guest links for your virtual classroom can be shared  and anyone with the link can enter your session. If you do decide to use  guest links, make sure guests are assigned the participant role and  that you restrict participant access.

Moderators can also control participant permissions while in an active  Collaborate Ultra session. Instructors can control a participants  ability to enable their audio, video, type in the chat or draw on the  whiteboard, and add files. This is intended to prevent disruptive  behavior from participants.

More on session settings for moderators