Breakout Groups

Breakout Groups allows as session leader to split  session participants into small groups for activities such as  discussion, brainstorming, or problem solving. This guide will demonstrate how to start Breakout Groups and share files.

Using Breakout Groups in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

Starting a breakout group

You can choose to have Collaborate create and randomly assign breakout  groups for you. Or you can create the groups yourself. Breakout groups  are assigned during the session. You can't create them ahead of time or  save them.

  • Open the Share Content panel from the Collaborate panel. ot sure where the Collaborate panel is? Jump to Find Your Way Around.
  • Select Breakout Groups.
    1. Assign groups. Select Randomly assign or Custom assignment.
      • Randomly assign: Collaborate creates groups and randomly assigns attendees for you. Randomly assign is only available when there are four or more people are in the room.
        • If you want to be in a group, select Include moderators in group assignment.
        • You can change how many attendees are in each group. Select the number of groups from the Number of Groups menu.
        • If you don't like how the attendees are grouped, select Reassign attendees.
      • Custom assignment: Create your own groups. Assign attendees to a group. You can select the attendee's  options menu and select the group. You can also select the attendee and  drag them to the right group. Select Create a new group to add more groups.
    2. Select the number of groups you wish to have. The system will tell you how many students will be in each group, as you adjust this number up or down.
    3. Optionally, select Allow attendees to switch groups, if you want attendees to be able to move to another group on their own.
    4. Select Start.

Sharing files to a breakout group

See how to move between groups