Schedule Sessions

This article describes how to access Blackboard Collaborate Ultra in your Blackboard modules, and use either the main course room or scheduled sessions for your live online classes:

Use the Course Room

The course room is an open session dedicated to your course (and is open 24/7). It provides you and your students a  convenient session for live online classes or impromptu meetings. You simply click on the room to access it and launch a session.

Go to Virtual Classroom> Course Room

You can also edit the settings of the room:

Specifically, if you have a large class you may wish to deselect the option for participants to share audio and video:

If you forget to do this, you can also adjust this setting within the room during the live session:

Create a session

You may prefer to schedule a session to be open only for a particular day and time. There are a number of reasons you may want to create scheduled sessions over using the course room. For example, you may wish to create a guest link that you are sending to an external cohort for a specific lecture, or you may have a live session that will have greater than 250 attendees.

To do so, simply click the "Create Session" button, and adjust your settings according to your needs.

For 250+ attendees

If you are using Blackboard Collaborate with a large class (greater than 250 students), you can also specify that it is a large scale session: