Top five tips for troubleshooting access issues

Are you experiencing difficulties in accessing a Blackboard Collaborate Ultra room? If so, try our top five tips for getting in successfully.

  1. Try an new browser and see if its the same issue (e.g. If you are using Chrome, try Firefox, and if not working in Firefox, try Chrome) 
  2. Be sure your browser is up to date 
  3. Double check your audio settings on your computer are set correctly here for your mic and computer speaker.
  4. Try to access the session on the mobile phone (your phone has a good mic and it will help circumvent issues you might have on your computer).
  5. Check Blackboard's browser help and get more detailed information on what might be causing the issue.

Want to know more about how to improve your experience when you join a session? See Blackboard Help on session best practices 

Is Blackboard having problems?

 There are occasional connection issues with the main Collaborate Service due to unprecedented usage levels across Europe. This may result in an error message when connecting. If this happens, access can usually be obtained by simply re-freshing the browser tab that you are in and trying to connect again. You can check the Blackboard status page for outages here