Why can't I add another user to my Blackboard course?

Instructors are not restricted  from adding other users to their Blackboard courses. However, sometimes an instructor may get an error message when attempting to manually add a teaching assistant or other user to a course.

This error may occur for one of two reasons:

  1. The student was previously enrolled in the course, but changed their registration  – as a result, they are now disabled in the Blackboard course roster. The students change in registration on Quercus overrides access.
  2. The instructor has inadvertently added the username twice when updating the Enroll Users field – as a result, Blackboard cannot add the same person twice.

Resolving a Disabled Student

Only ISS can re-enable the student to bypass the enrollment audit protections. Please verify the student has dropped the course, then open a helpdesk ticket with the student's username, your course ID, and the reason for requesting the student's disabled enrolment be cleared to your Blackboard course. You can then manually enrol them.

NOTE: In this case, the student will not be officially registered for the course, nor can you return grades for them, nor will be receive any examination timetables.

If the student is taking the course for accreditation, they should resolve their official enrolment with the university, and Blackboard will be automatically updated to give them access.

Resolving a Double Username

This error occurs because the instructor has inadvertently added the username twice. The first time happens when the username is entered in the field. The second time happens if the browse button is clicked and then the username is selected again.

When the overall Enroll Users page is submitted, the error message "You do not have permission to enroll user(s): USERNAME" will display because the username is a double entry.

Instructors only need to enter the username in the box one time -- then click Submit. The browse box should only be used to search for a teaching assistant or student if the instructor does not know the username already.

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