Large Collaborate Sessions (up to 500 attendees)

Your Blackboard Course room has a capacity of up to 250 students. If you need a larger session, you will need to manually create a new single or repeating session, and make the adjustments specified below.

Turn on webinar mode

You can create a session to support up to 500 attendees. To  help manage the increased number of attendees, webinar sessions have  these limitations:

  • Webinar sessions can't be longer than 24 hours in length
  • Attendees see a maximum of 2 videos at a time
  • Participant permissions are turned off.
  • Moderators can turn on chat while in the session.
  • Breakout groups aren't available
  • Session ends and attendees are removed at the scheduled end time

To create a session in webinar mode, go to the Session Settings and select Allow 250+ attendees to join.              

Note that participants chat will be turned off by default, but this can be turned on within the session:

Be sure leave plenty of extra time for a large session, when scheduling, as it will automatically end 5 minutes after the scheduled end time.