How to play an embedded YouTube video from Powerpoint for web in a Collaborate Ultra Session

This information guide provides instructions on how to play an embedded YouTube video from within a Powerpoint for web slide deck in a Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Session.

This method only works in Google Chrome, and where PowerPoint for web is used.

Step 1: Upload your Powerpoint presentation into your OneDrive before your session is due to start or create it directly.

Step 2: In Google Chrome, open your NUI Galway Office365 account on

Step 3: From the left corner, click on the 9 squares

Open Powerpoint

Select Powerpoint from the dropdown menu

Step 4:Open the Powerpoint document that you want to share for your Collaborate Ultra session

Open Presentaton

Step 5: Open a second tab in Google Chrome and join your Collaborate Ultra session

  1. Click on Share Content
  2. Click on Share Application/Screen
  3. Select Chrome Tab
  4. Select the Powerpoint tab
  5. Down the bottom, click the Share Audio Checkbox
  6. Click the Share button
How to play and Embedded YouTube video from Powerpoint while in a Collaborate Ultra Session - Technology Services

Step 6: Start the Powerpoint presentation

Open Powerpoint file in browser

Step 7: When you reach a slide that has the embedded youtube video, press the YouTube play button. The audio should play, as you have selected to share audio in step 5 above.

Also see how to Share a YouTube video in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra directly (rather than as an embedded video as described above).