Self and Peer Assessments

This article will review the steps to create peer assessments using Blackboard Assignments

Peer assessments can be a valuable tool to ensure students receive feedback and a learning opportunity to review and evaluate submissions analytically. Peer assessment can help familiarise students with expectations or requirements for an upcoming formal assessment.

1. Creating the Assessment: Navigating Settings

Self or peer assessments can be added to the course content location of your choice. Use the Assessments option in the menu and choose Self and Peer Assessment to begin.

This action opens the Create Self and Peer Assessment screen. Here, choose to import a previously created assessment or create a new one.

These steps will address creating a new self and peer assessment.

  1. Start by adding an assignment name, instructions, and submission dates as with any assignment.
  2. In the next step, select submission and evaluation dates.
  • The submission dates refer to the start and end dates in which students complete the assessment themselves.
  • The evaluation dates refer to the start and end dates in which students evaluate the previously submitted responses from their peers (or in the case of self-evaluation, their own response).

c.    Additional settings considerations include:

1) Anonymous Evaluation

  • enable this to restrict students from seeing  who reviewed their submission

2) Self-Evaluation

  • enable this to allow students to evaluate their own submission

3) Show Evaluation Results

  • enable this to provide evaluation feedback to the submitting students after evaluation

4) Set Evaluations

  • set how many submissions each student will evaluate

After determining your settings, press Submit to continue to the Assessment Canvas.

2. The Assessment Canvas

In the assessment canvas, you may create questions or search for preloaded questions to include in the assessment. Some of the sample questions are featured in the image below.

Note: the preloaded questions do not contain criteria. Instructors will need to edit questions individually by clicking on the down arrow and choosing Criteria.

From this screen, choose Create Criteria to add the method by which evaluating students will review the submissions and associate points possible. In this screen, adjust points and permissions regarding feedback.

Once you have associated criteria with each of the questions, click OK at the bottom right to be taken to the edit page.

Here, you may export the assessment to be used again or shared in addition to the properties and Assessment Canvas to be edited as necessary.

Reaching this page indicates the assessment creation is complete. You can click OK to proceed back to your Blackboard content area.

3. Manage Self and Peer Assessments and Send Results to Grade Centre

You may view submissions, evaluations, and results for the Self and Peer Assessment in the Control Panel by going to Course Tools and selecting Self and Peer Assessment.

Click the down carrot next to the peer assessment title and select the option you wish to view.

Each option will bring up a new screen in which you may see which students have completed or not started the assessment/evaluation. You have the option to view or download student submissions/evaluations.

Choose View Results to review to review averaged score results.

A column is automatically created in the Grade Centre reflecting the average score. Instructors may manually adjust the scores in the Grade Centre column directly.

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