How to Upload Files to Course Files


You may wish to upload single or multiple files, and/or folders to a centralised location (Course Files), and subsequently move them to other folders throughout your course, as needed.

Blackboard incorporates many ways for adding files and folders to Course Files, including when you create course content. This article  specifically covers how to upload directly to Course Files, independant of the Content Creator.

How to Upload Files

To keep your Blackboard course files organised, you may choose to upload files to your course "Files" folder rather than through a Content Creator (e.g. You may prefer to keep all your image files under a folder called "Images").  

  1. Navigate to your Blackboard Course Management Control Panel, and expand the Files section.  
  2. Choose the Course Code (e.g. AH0110) from the expanded options.
  3. In the main Course Content Area:
    1. Select Upload to add a new file, or
    2. Create Folder to create a new folder such as "Images", or .
    3. Click on a previously created folder (e.g. Images), and Upload a new file.
  4. Once your chosen file is uploaded to the Files area, it will be available for you to use throughout your course.
File Area of Blackboard

To select multiple files and folders in a list, press the Shift key and select the first and last items. To select files and folders out of sequence, press the Ctrl (Win) or CMD (Mac) key and select each item.

Students cannot upload files to the Course Files, and their files are not saved in Course Files. When students are enrolled/participate in a course, they can only browse for and attach files from their computers.

Overwriting Files

If required, you can overwrite the uploaded file from the Files area by:

  1. Ticking the box next to the file, and clicking the arrow beside the file name to view the dropdown options.
  2. Select Overwrite File, and choose the new file you wish to replace the original with. All instances of that image be updated throughout the course. Any meta data (including accessibility descriptions) associated with the original file will remain unchanged.
Overwriting file

For further information on adding files to Blackboard, view Add Files to Course Files.