Email confirmation

This article provides information of the email confirmation you will receive after your Mark Approval and Transfer on Blackboard.

Following your Mark Approval and Transfer, the final marks of your students are extracted and sent  onto Quercus Plus, the Student Information System (SIS).

When the results are received, the Blackboard instructor who performed the extract will receive an email with text similar to that below:

Sample email wording

Confirmation Email

In the example above, 36 marks were returned and all 36 were accepted.

This information will confirm to you the total number of marks returned for each individual extract and whether these marks are accepted, rejected, zero (0), or incomplete (INC).

You can click on the hyperlink in the email confirmation and access a more detailed report of what marks were accepted or not.

If marks are rejected

If a mark is rejected, the report may give further information to clarify.

There is also direct access to this information on  

You will need to use your staff ID (in the format XXXXXXXs) and your email password to access this information.

Student Information System reports

Your college office or appropriate administrative contact may also be able to report on an individual grade returned from access into the Quercus+ SIS, or across a module or course.

Exam modelling tool

There is also an exam modelling tool used by some groups to return marks directly on Quercus+ SIS.

Marks return calendar

A calendar of events is available online. This details when marks can and should be submitted throughout the academic year: 

Further Note: 

These calendar links can be accessed by any active staff member, but you must authenticate yourself if required (see above).

Need more help?

  • If further clarification is needed about the email confirmation, please contact ISS.
  • Finally, the exams office provides this FAQ support on marks return.