Audio Visual Procurement

Audiovisual Frameworks

There are two audio visual (AV) related centralised contracts in place at NUI Galway for the purchasing of AV equipment and support for any University type Events.

Our Role 

  • Advise schools / units / department on procurement procedures and policies 
  • Supplier relationship management 
  • Procurement process management 
  • Contract review and completion 
  • Requests for information, proposal, and quotation 
  • Professional negotiation with suppliers 


  • Deliver the best overall value  
  • Implement best practices for cost containment 
  • Ensure procurement compliance 
  • Ensure fair and ethical relationships with suppliers 
  • Maintain a diverse supplier base 
  • Identify environmentally-responsible purchasing practices 

We manage the purchasing process at NUI Galway through contracting and issuing orders based upon requirements for quality, service and delivery.  We also ensure compliance with policies and procedures outlined the procurement process. 


This framework agreement covers both the supply and installation of AV related equipment including;- 

  • Data Projectors 
  • LED Screens 
  • Digital Signage 
  • AV Peripheral Equipment 
  • AV Integration 
  • AV consumables 

Type of Contract: Multi-Supplier Framework Agreement awarded by NUI Galway 

Purchasing Guidelines

SUPPLY ONLY CONTRACTS (excluding installation etc.): 

Option A – for the supply only of AV equipment, ancillary equipment and consumables contracts (excl. installation) valued up to €10,000 (excluding VAT) ​can be awarded using the cascade method by approaching the first ranked member of the framework.   Where they are not in a position to deliver the contract within a specified time or have a conflict of interest then the next ranked is approached, moving in ranked order through the framework members until the contract is awarded.  

Option B – for the supply only of AV equipment, ancillary equipment and consumables contracts valued greater than €10,000 (excluding VAT)  a mini-tender competition MUST be conducted among ALL Framework Members.  Please contact Kevin Hynes. CELT for approval and assistance to run a mini-competition. - 091 495235.  


Option C - For all contracts for the supply with installation and/or maintenance of AV equipment and ancillary equipment and consumables  a mini-tender competition MUST be conducted among ALL Framework Members. On each occasion, a Supplementary Invitation to Tender will be issued detailing the scope of requirements, the award criteria, a closing date and time and methodology for submission of responses 

CON433: Specialist Technical Support for the Audio-Visual, Recording, Streaming and Media      Production for University Events