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How to Enrol an Instructor on Blackboard directly

The standard method for instructors to gain access to Blackboard courses they are teaching is via Akari (see how here). However, some users with a temporary "e" account, do not have access to Akari. In this case, it is possible to enrol a user as an instructor on Blackboard directly.

Manually enrolling Instructors on Blackboard provides them with access to the current year only. This is suited to adding temporary staff, external examiners or teaching assistants.

Within the Control Panel menu of a Module, click on Users and Groups, followed by Users.

Click on the Find Users to Enrol tab. As an instructor on Blackboard, it is your responsibility to determine access for teaching assistants onto your own Blackboard course. In doing so, please verify the correct username (i.e. student ID or staff ID) with the user to be enrolled, to prevent allocating access to the wrong person.

If you know the ID (staff or student) of the person you wish to enrol, you can enter this ID in the Username field.

Click the Role dropdown menu underneath and choose the correct role (Student, Instructor, etc.), and click on the Submit button .

If you have the ID, be sure to click submit (at the bottom of the webpage), not browse. Clicking browse can can cause an error.

If you don't have the ID of the person you can use the Browse option to search for the person by Last Name or First Name.

Choose the correct user from the list and click submit. This will return you to the screen shown above where you can choose their Role and Submit to add.