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Three ways to Customise a Course

There are a number of ways you can customise the look of a module within Blackboard.

Adding Menu Items

In the Course Tour section, we had a look at the default course menu. However, it is really simple to add additional menu items, which are linked to content areas.

To add a new menu item, simply hover over the + symbol at the top of the menu and choose Add Content Area. Name it, make it available to users by checking the box, and drag the new menu item to wherever you choose (see animation).

You can access these content areas to add content by clicking on their titles.

Setting the Course Entry page

The default Course Entry page is the Announcements page: it is the first section students see on clicking into the course.

You may decide to set a different page as the Course Entry, eg. a Welcome page, the Course Overview page, or any of your choosing.

To do so, you can simply navigate to your Control Panel, expand the Customisation section and choose Teaching Style. Scroll down to the 'Select Course Entry' area, choose the page you wish to set as the entry point (only pages with content will be visible to select), and click submit. Students will now be brought directly to this section when they enter the course .

Adding a Banner

Another easy way to customise your course is to add a banner image. This will be placed at the top of the Course Entry page. 

To add a banner, select Customisation / Teaching Style in the Control Panel. Scroll to the Select Banner section, and choose an image.

Banner images should be approx 500 * 80 pixels. You can make a banner image in any image editor, (such as Photoshop or Canva) or using Powerpoint. See sample banner image below: