Blackboard Learn Migration

As of 19th of June 2019, NUI Galway's migration of Blackboard Learn to the cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) environment is complete.

What are the major changes?

  1. No change to course view or data: All your content and courses are available as before.
  2. Turnitin: If you use Turnitin, please note the changes to how you access exisiting Turnitin submissions and add new assignments.
    Learn more about why the new Turnitin integration was necessary and visit all of our Turnitin guides.
  3. Sign up Lists: If you use sign up lists, note the new sign up feature available to support this functionality.
  4. Better support: Explore this self support site to discover new and exisiting features and to learn more about how to make the best use of Blackboard.
  5. New features within Blackboard include Blackboard portfolios, and Kaltura Reach captioning

What benefits does this bring to you?

You benefit from continuous updates (new features, enhancements, fixes, etc.) with zero or minimal downtime. A SaaS model enables maintenance, updates, and fixes to production faster than ever before, and the cloud platform easily scales during periods of high usage. It also delivers enhancements and new features continually, so NUI Galway can have the latest and greatest features without having to wait longer periods of time. 
To learn more,
please visit this Blackboard SaaS help page and find out about upcoming Product Releases in the new environment.

Please contact us through if you have any questions or concerns.

Note: After the migration, NUI Galway will commence with a pilot of Learn Ultra, a next generation product. Refer to the Blackboard Ultra web page for details.