Managing Your Kaltura Media

On your Blackboard homepage, you can access the My Media area where you can upload, publish, and manage your personal video repository. 

 When you click on ‘Publish’ you will be brought to a page with all of your courses to choose from.  When you choose to publish a video to one of your modules, it will then go to the Media Gallery.  

It will remain only visible to instructors unless you make the Media Gallery available to students. Add a Tool Link > Type: Media Gallery to your menu in order to make it available.

You can also videos to your module in a content area by choosing: Build Content > Mashups > Kaltura Media.

Please note that videos in your My Media area belong only to you unless you choose to add a Collaborator. This means that only you can publish them to modules going forward. 

While Blackboard's course copy functionality is useful for replicating course structures, there are certain items that should never be copied. 

In this case, it is not advised that you copy your videos to your new modules using Blackboard's course copy functionality. 

To ensure that your videos are working, please publish them to each new module.