Creating and Editing Videos

You can use Kaltura to present rich media content in your courses. Kaltura helps you to create, or host and share videos, images, and audio files with course members. 

Recordings will necessitate the use of a webcam and microphone.  However, these are now often part of computer hardware or are easily accessible.

Webcam Recording and Media Upload

If you wish to create a simple webcam recording or upload already created media, you can go into and locate My Media and select either:

  • Express Capture - allows you to use your webcam or audio devices to record video and audio entries directly from your browser without needing any additional software.
  • Create Recording - allows you to download and install the Kaltura Personal Capture application on your computer to record your webcam, computer screen or both, along with your audio, and upload to your My Media to share in your courses.

"Create Recording" with Kaltura Personal Recorder

With the Kaltura Personal Recorder application you can record and upload your videos which will be posted to My Media, and private and accessible to you only by default. You can then choose to publish them to your chosen destination.

To begin, choose Create Recording.  This feature will bring you to a page where you can download the Kaltura Capture tool.  

Once the program is installed it will automatically open when you open Kaltura Capture in Blackboard. The Kaltura Capture Recording Tool includes the following:

  • Recording Button – Press to record.
  • Screen Setting
  • Camera Setting
  • Audio Setting
  • Management Settings

That’s it. You can start recording.

Please note that the system requirements for this software:

  • You will see a 5 second count down and then your recording will start.
  • If you decide to cancel your recording during the 5 second countdown, click Cancel.
  • When the recording begins, the duration of your recording is displayed in the Recording Menu.

The Kaltura Personal Capture recording menu includes:

  • Stop recording button (white square) - Press to stop the recording. You will be prompted with a confirmation box.

    If you choose Yes Stop it, the recording is stopped and the recording details are displayed. The recording tool moves to the new recording state.
    If you choose NO, you are returned to the previous recording state (before clicking on the Stop button). For example, if you paused the recording before clicking STOP, you will be returned to the pause state; if you were recording before clicking STOP, you will return to the recording state.

  • Pause/Resume recording button (red circle) - You can pause or resume your recording at any time.

  • Cancel recording button (grey x)  - discard recording. Press to cancel the recording.You will be prompted with a confirmation box.

  • Elapsed time

  • Annotations- Click on the Pencil icon to open the Annotations options. Use the various tools to annotate. When you are through annotating, click the Pencil icon to return to the cursor mode.

     Annotations are available for Screen recordings only. Annotations are disabled if you are recording from your camera only.
    The annotations include:

     Icon  Action

    Pencil Draw

    Use to draw freely on your screen.

    Change Scale

    Change Pencil Color

    Return to Cursor


    Use to draw an arrow to point out a specific element on your screen.

    Change Scale

    Change Arrow Color

    Return to Cursor

    Text  Box

    Use to add text anywhere on your screen.

    Change size and color.

    Text maximum ~ 500 chars) 

    Special characters

    Add links

    Different languages

    Copy/paste text

    Empty text box

    Create multiple text boxes 




    Select an area on the screen.


    Clear the annotation actions.


    Create a clean slate for additional annotations.

When you are finished with your recording, you will click the grey button to stop you will be brought to a window to upload and save:

On occasion, we have been asked where you files are saved on your computer. After recording via Kaltura, a local file is been created on your PC.

The file is located in:

For Mac: /Users/<Username>/Library/Application Support/Kaltura/

For Win: C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Local\Kaltura\Kaltura\ Media

Some ideas for using Kaltura Personal Capture

With Kaltura Personal Recorder applicaiton you can record and upload your videos which will be posted to My Media. You can then choose to publish them to your chosen Blackboard course, MediaSpace channel or other online destination. These are some possible uses of this tool: 

  • Screen recording can follow the format of a lecture with a presentation or a demonstration of a practical nature with and audio voiceover.  
  • Screen and webcam recording  is most useful for creating screencasts and lectures for flipped or blended learning.  You can record your screen while a small window featuring yourself on webcam will be visible and audible to students.  This can facilitate a more engaging recording.

Editing Your Content

When your video recording has been saved and uploaded, you can visit My Media on Blackboard to edit your video. You will now have options to add further information, tags, collaborators, chapters etc. as evidenced in step 1. You can also launch the video editor as in step 2.

  • When the editor is launched, you have options to do the following:
  • Create quiz questions
  • Trim or split sections
  • Fade in/out
  • Select audio

When you save a copy, a new video will be created from your original recording.