Adding Kaltura Media to your course

Kaltura My Media is your personal storage repository. You can add, organise, and remove video, audio, and image files while preparing the content for students. When you're ready, you can then add the content to the course so all students and other course members have access.

Find out how to add your Kaltura Media to your course by either of the three methods below:

Build Content

In a content area, learning module, lesson plan, or folder, select Build Content to access the menu.

Select the Kaltura Media menu option to add link to it.

In the editor

You can also add Kaltura content directly to the editor in your course's assignments, tests, and documents.

  1. In the editor, select Mashups
  2. Select Kaltura Media
  3. Choose your file and add it.

Kaltura Media Gallery is your course's shared media repository. You can use the Media Gallery to host multiple videos for students to view and use to learn. You can also add videos from the Media Gallery directly to the Course Content page so students don't have to search for relevant content. This feature is not turned on by default.

To use the gallery you will need to:

  • Add a menu link to make the Tool visible
  • Add media to the Gallery

Once media is published to the Gallery, all course members will be able to view it. The below video will give you more information on how to add and publish media to be accessible in this way.