Kaltura Capture - Installation

Kaltura Capture is screen and webcam recording software for Windows and  OSX. It is a good fit for doing shorter recordings (5-10 min) which  don't require much editing. Kaltura Capture  is the software that Kaltura replaced CaptureSpace with in June 2019.

This document describes the system  requirements for Kaltura Capture and how to install it.

System Requirements

If you're interested in recording your screen or webcam with Kaltura  Capture make sure your machine meets Kaltura Capture's minimum  specifications:

Hardware/Software Requirements 
Operating system OS:
Windows 7 - 10 (64 bit) and above
Mac OSX 10.10 and above
Memory 4GB RAM
Storage 1GB minimum available (we recommend 10GB available)
Processor Minimum Intel i5

More detailed information on the requirements is available on Kaltura's document Kaltura Capture - Prerequisites and System Requirements. Additional information on installing Kaltura Capture is also available in Kaltura's document Kaltura Capture - Installing and Launching the Application.

Installing and Launching the Application

You will need administrator rights to install Kaltura Capture. If you don't have admin rights, contact your department's IT professional. If  your machine meets the minimum specifications and you have admin rights you can install Kaltura Capture by following these directions:

  1. To begin, choose Create Recording.  This feature will bring you to a page where you can download the Kaltura Capture tool.  
  2. Click Add New -> Create recording

3. A new window will display which says The Kaltura Capture Desktop  Recorder. Near the bottom text reads Using Kaltura Capture for the  first time? with links for both the Windows installer and the Mac  installer. Click the link for the installer you want to use.

4. Once the installer is downloaded, find the downloaded file.

  • In Windows double click the installer file to launch the installer. Follow the prompts to complete the installation.
  • In OSX drag the Personal Capture icon to the Applications folder of your machine.

Mac OSX Catalina (10.15) requires additional permissions to run Kaltura Capture  successfully. To run Kaltura Capture, change the following settings:

System Preferences → Security & Privacy → General → (unlock the padlock) → Choose App Store and identified developers(lock the padlock)

System Preferences → Security & Privacy → Privacy → (unlock the padlock) → Choose CameraCheck KalturaCapture (repeat this process for Microphone and Screen Recording) > (lock the padlock).

5. Once it is installed you can launch it via two different methods:

  • You can go back to https://nuigalway.blackboard.com and select Add New → Create Recording and it will launch the app, or:
  • You can launch it from your programs or applications menu in Windows or OSX. (This second option is not recommended as it will not check you have the latest version of the application installed). It is always best to launch directly from Blackboard.