HelpLearning TechnologiesVideo Basics Making, Editing, and Sharing VideoHow can I make a video to share with my students?

How can I make a video to share with my students?

There are lots of options available. To get started you need to be clear about what type of video you want to produce. For example, is it: 

  1. Talking head - just you speaking to camera informing the students about something;
  2. Screencast - you with accompanying slides (say from PowerPoint) or a recording of something on your computer (eg walking through how to use a particular piece of software);
  3. Capture - a recording of a ‘live’ event, such as a lecture, whilst it happens;
  4. to include ‘green screen’ effects (as in weather forecasts, where you/presenter appear in front of an image or background video);
  5. made up of multiple segments added together (e.g. rather than a single ‘take’);
  6. something that you want to share publicly and openly, or something that should only be accessible by students on your module/course? 

The best solution will vary depending on which of these (or which combination) you are looking for, so planning is definitely the first stage!