Sharing a Video

One of the most important decisions you’ll have to make is how you are going to share the finished video, and specifically, who do you want to be able to see it! You might need to be particularly careful here if you are working with students, of course. So what are the options? 

YouTube is what most people think of when posting a video online, however, it has a number of major drawbacks for educational materials. Firstly, it is public, rather than within the University community. Secondly, it is full of ads and links to other ‘related videos’. And thirdly, it is dependent on an individual account rather than being associated with your official university account.  
Kaltura MediaSpace

This is essentially a private YouTube-style resource in which you can post videos but also control access to them, restricting to specific groups, or making public. Everyone with an NUI Galway computer account has their own space on MediaSpace and videos posted there can also be accessed and presented in Blackboard. 
Blackboard Although Blackboard allows the uploading of videos, this can use up quite an amount of storage space over the long run, and it is better to use the fact that we have now integrated Kaltura and Blackboard. You can access the ‘Media Gallery’ in Blackboard in the content sections and upload videos straight into Kaltura through this.