Getting Started with TurningPoint

This article will step you through how to create your account with TurningPoint as a member of NUI Galway staff under our current license. Connect your Turning account to Blackboard and install the TurningPoint Classic software.

1. Create an account on Turning

All NUI Galway users of the TurningPoint must first register for a licensed account. This needs to be initiated by instructors and by students themselves.

Create a link to TurningPoint in your Blackboard module, this will allow you and your students to register with Turing via Blackboard. To add the link go to Tool Link (1) with in Blackboard. Choose Turning Account Registration (2) and make it available to Users (3). This Tool will bring you to the Turing web site where you can register for your account. You will be asked to provide basic information including your name, organisation, role, and email address.

You must register using your NUI Galway email address.

TurningPoint Blackboard
TurningPoint Blackboard registration
2. Connect your Blackboard courses  to your Turning account

As an instructor, you will only need to authenticate the connection between your Turning Account and Blackboard once.

After logging into your Turning account (via this link, click on the "Blackboard Authentication" button to display all of the Blackboard modules on which you are a registered instructor, thereby authenticating the connection.

Click the "Add" button to move the module to the Active Course tab

3. Install TurningPoint Classic on your device

To allow TuringPoint to integrate with PowerPoint and you to create live questions with in a lecture you will need to down TurningPoint Classic onto your device.

The software can be downloaded from the Turning web page

Please open the TurningPoint application BEFORE opening PowerPoint

Learn how students can download the app here

Watch this video for more formation on how to use TurningPoint