How to use TurningPro (web app)

This article explains how to use Turningpro (web app) to create polling with in your Turning web account

This app can be advantageous if you want to poll in a context outside of a lecture/presentation.

How to access TurningPro

Go to the Turning web page and log in as an instructor

How to use TurningPro

Once in your account it is recommend you check your account setting and reserve a session ID. This can be done via the cog at the top right hand of your screen. Click here to learn how to complete this. You can connect to your Blackboard course or create a manual TurningPoint course by using the Create Course (2) button.

Click into the course where you are going to create the polling questions. Click on Create Content (1) give the content a name (2) ie the name for your question and click create. Within this new content add questions by clicking add.

From this same panel you can start the session by clicking on the Start button. Students can then respond using their mobile device or laptop computer, by entering a session code you provide.