Using MS Teams in a teaching venue

Microsoft Teams is a real-time web conferencing application,  available on lecture theatre PCs.  There is a camera in the lecture theatre and microphone that can be used with MS Teams if you wish to connect with students remotely (hybrid teaching) also.


  • Get into the venue, log in and start the virtual MS Team session early.
  • Check the audio and video settings and ask remote students if they can hear you. Learn more below.

Turn on the Projector

  • Press ON in the Control Panel
  • Select PC on the Control Panel
PC Source

Log into the lecture theatre PC

Login using your University of Galway campus account credentials using [email protected] (e.g [email protected])

Open MS Teams

Open the MS Team client located on the Novell Applications Launcher (as below)

You will be prompted to log in again, using your University of Galway campus account credentials using [email protected] (e.g [email protected])

Use Teams the same way you use it on your own PC, but just remember to select the correct camera and microphone for your remote audience to hear and see you.

Select the correct camera and microphone

Once logged in to MS Teams, go to Device Settings (shown below) to select the venue's camera and microphone.

Device Settings

You can check this after the meeting has started under "Device settings"

Please refer to the notes for each venue for the correct AV peripheral settings. These will vary for each.  There will be a printed sheet in each venue also with the settings for both the microphone and camera.

Sharing your content

You have several options for sharing your content. See the list below for some common options:

Sharing a PowerPoint

You can opt to "Hide Presenter view", to show only the slides, and not speaker notes.

More information here

Share a window

You can select a window, and opt to share a web browser or an application (e.g. MS PowerPoint) in a full screen view for yourself, the room display or projector and for remote participants.

More information here

Sharing a video

Ensure you include computer sound when sharing your screen so remote participants can hear video played via your presentation.

Using PowerPoint live
Recording the session

You can select to "Start recording" for the session to be captured.

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