Using microphones

There are various different microphones installed and available throughout the campus. In most of the lecture theatres there is a lectern microphone or a lapel microphone available which are heard through the room speakers.  

1.  Lectern Microphones

These are fixed to the top of the lectern and have an effective “pickup” range of around 1.5 metres directly behind the microphone. They are flexible and can be adjusted slightly for angle and height. These are fixed, meaning you must give careful consideration to where you and the microphone are positioned to ensure your voice is properly heard by your audience. It is best to find a comfortable position and try to avoid moving away from the microphone while speaking.

There is an on/off button towards the bottom of these microphones. When it’s illuminated red; it’s turned on.

2.  Lapel Microphones

Wearing a lapel microphone means you can move freely about the theatre and your voice will be captured. These microphones are wireless and offer the best audio for most scenarios, particularly presentations.   These microphones are left charging in the projection rooms on your way into the lecture theatre which requires staff card access.  Please get your staff card activated by security for the projection rooms you require to use these microphones.  Typically, these microphones are worn on the belt, or tucked into an inside pocket out of sight.

There is an on/off switch on top of the microphone and a red light indicates the microphone is on

3.  Handheld Microphones

Our standard handheld microphones are wireless and will work anywhere in their designated room. When using them, it is best to hold them as close as possible to your mouth, and speak as you would face to face with someone. Avoid shouting or attempting to project your voice greatly.

There is an on/off switch on the base of these microphones. A red light indicates the microphone is on.

To use the handheld microphones in a room, such as for panel discussion/conference etc please contact [email protected] in advance to book. 

4.  Boundary microphones for video conferencing and lecture capture

For Video Conferencing and Lecture Capture Systems there are boundary microphones available on the lectern or a microphone available on the webcam of the lectern. These will not need adjustment by you. They are connected directly into the theatre PC so you need to be logged into the lecture theatre PC to use these.

General Microphone Etiquette

Please avoid shouting or hitting microphones that are switched on. The resulting sound is often far more audible to others in the room or on a video conference than it will seem to you.

The audio levels are set to provide a comfortable audio experience for the audience while ensuring adequate audio is also delivered through the Video Conferencing and Lecture Capture systems.