Using Zoom in a lecture theatre

Zoom is a real-time web conferencing application that allows users to meet online for meetings, conferences, lectures and webinars.  Zoom is available in this lecture theatre on the Lecture Theatre PC.  This article describes how to use Zoom in a teaching venue on campus.


  • Get into the venue, log in and start the Zoom session early.
  • Check the audio and video settings and ask remote students if they can hear you. Learn more below.

Turn on the AV equipment in the room

  • Press ON in the Control Panel
  • Select PC on the Control Panel

To use Zoom you need to use the lecture theatre PC

Log into the Lecture PC

Open Zoom from the Novell Application window

Once in the system you can use Zoom the same way you use it on your own PC but just remember to select the correct camera and microphone to get started.

  • Select "Sign-In"

Select the correct microphone and camera

Select "Test Speaker and Microphone" before your call to make sure you have the correct speakers, microphone and camera selected.

Refer to each venue for the correct settings, or refer to the printed sheet at the lectern in each location.

Select to Test Speaker and Microphone, and select the correct settings for the venue you are in.

Once all your peripherals are selected you can connect to your allocated meeting room.

Share Content

You can select to share an application (e.g. MS PowerPoint), or the IPEVO document camera (see under Advanced), or just a portion of the screen, as suits you best.

If you need to share audio or video from your computer, make sure to share computer sound during screen share and consider optimising for video.

Need to access your OneDrive files? See how here.

Extending the display

If you do not want to display the Zoom Participants on the venue's projector, you could always switch the views where the Presenter View is zoom participants and chat, and both the Projector View and the Zoom View is the shared screen content. You will need to change from Duplicate to Extend the desktop view to do this.

See more instructions here.

Start Recording (Optional)

Start your Recording at the beginning of the session

 Remember to select record to the cloud as video recordings cannot be stored in the lecture theatre PCs.

Additional Information on Zoom

Zoom provides great training and video resources  click on the below links if interested