Overview of the Grade Centre

Parts of the Grade Centre

The Blackboard Grade Centre is available in your modules under Course Management.  Click into the Full Grade Centre to gain access.


The Full Grade Centre will appear with the following parts:

  1. Username and Student ID: Your students are identified by their student ID number in both columns.
  2. Last Access: This column shows you when a student last accessed this module. This can be used to monitor student engagement.  
  3. Course Instance: The Course Instance column indicates the course code where a student is enrolled.  This can be useful for organisational purposes.
  4. Provisional: This column is used to release provisional marks to your students.  These marks are between you and your students, and are not sent elsewhere.
  5. Final Mark: This column is used to send final marks to the Student Information System.

Please note: 

This is the default view of the Grade Centre.  Additional columns will appear if instructors add them. This can be done through adding elements such as assignments, Turnitin assignments, Qwickly Attendance or even manually adding columns.  If you are missing the Final Mark or Course Instance columns, please contact the ISS service desk for assistance.

Using Course Instance Codes

A column appears in the Blackboard Grade Centre to indicate the course instance code in which a student is registered.  This column is not only useful for organising large numbers of students, but it also indicates if a student is properly registered for their course or not. 

If no course instance code appears beside a student’s name, this indicates that the student was manually added to the Blackboard course.

No course instance beside the name means that the student is not registered for the module and an official mark cannot be returned for this student.

The lecturer or module co-ordinator must email [email protected] with a request to register the student for the module in the SIS (Quercus).  Note that students cannot directly request a change to their registration after online registration has closed.

The course instance column appears as follows: