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Return Marks for Visiting and 2nd Sitting Students

Returning Marks for Visiting Students

To complete this task, you can refer to previous sections of this user guide for assistance.  The process is as follows:

Returning Marks for 2nd Sitting Students

When returning second sitting results, two columns will appear called 2nd Sitting and 2nd Sit Mark.:

  • 2ND SITTING column, where the repeat flag (R) goes to indicate that the student is repeating
  • 2ND SIT MARK RETURN column, where you will enter your marks for the student

To return a mark for a 2nd sitting student, simply put a 0 – 100 or INC in the 2nd Sit Mark column and complete the Mark Approval and Transfer process.

Note: The R in the 2nd Sitting column indicates that the student a grade is expected to be entered for the student. If this (R) flag is missing, please contact ISS to query it.