The Blackboard Homepage

When you've successfully logged in to Blackboard, you'll be brought to the My NUI Galway tab on the Blackboard homepage.

Here you can access all courses you are currently enrolled on and view recent course or system announcements.

On this page, you can also click through to staff and student guides to Blackboard, the manual and browse or search through the course catalog .

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How to organise your My Courses listing

If you're enrolled in a lot of courses, over a number of different academic years, the 'My Courses' area can quickly become messy and confusing. One useful setting in Blackboard's homepage is Group by Term.  When  activated, this feature sorts your course based on the term in which each course was held. You can then expand and collapse these terms  to save space on your Blackboard homepage and streamline your view.

We recommend using Group by Term to organise your courses.

How to group by term

  1. Hover over the 'My Courses' title bar and click on the contextual wheel which appears.
  2. Check the 'Group by Term' checkbox
  3. Choose which years you wish to show or expand. You can also make other changes to how your courses display such as reordering terms.
  4. Click 'Submit' to confirm your changes
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