A Course Tour

Click on any of the module titles in your 'My Courses' listing to bring you to the module homepage.

You should see the following default sections:

The Course Menu

This is the default course menu, provided in all courses. 

Click into any of the menu items to add relevant content, eg. you could add lecture notes, slides or suggested readings in the 'Learning Materials' section.  

The 'Assessment' area could contain links to Blackboard or Turnitin assignments, or MCQ tests.

The 'Virtual Classroom' area provides access to an online meeting space.
Learn more about this in the Blackboard Collaborate manual.

'My Grades' is the area students can use to access grades or feedback you have released on their assignments.
Learn more about this in the 'Grade Centre' section. 

Any announcements you post within the course are automatically added to the 'Announcements' section. 

Course Management

The Control Panel provides access to instructor tools. This section is not visible to students.

From here, you can access course tools such as blogs, wikis, video tools, etc.

You can manage users, create assignments, access students' work and grade and provide feedback.

Course Views

When the Edit mode is switched ON, you can add and modify content.

Clicking on the EYE symbol to the left allows you to enter a Student view of the course under a dummy student user, which replicates the exact experience of a student on the course.

This is a great way of testing your content from the student perspective, you can even submit a sample assignment, grade as instructor and view feedback as the student by switching between student and instructor views. 

You can access student preview mode by clicking on the icon indicated above (a circle with the two revolving arrows around it), located directly next to edit mode.

Choosing this mode allows an instructor to view the course content and organisation as it appears to a student. When an instructor enters student mode, an orange bar appears at the top of the page.

When exiting the student preview mode, you will be prompted to choose between two options, keeping or deleting the data from your session. Blackboard recommends removing the data unless you intend to make edits and return to student preview mode again to view the changes.


The Announcements page is set as the course entry page.

All announcements you send to students on the course will appear here.