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Turnitin assignments - Video overview

Quick Guide to Setting up a Turnitin Assignment on Blackboard

This article explains how to add a Turnitin assignment on Blackboard. The Turnitin integration on Blackboard allows students to submit an assignment from within their Blackboard course directly to Turnitin Feedback Studio. Turnitin generates a ‘Similarity Report’ which identifies unoriginal submitted material. It also provides a number of tools for giving feedback on student work.

Video Walkthrough

This video gives a an overview of how to add a Turntin assignment to your Blackboard course, and how to grade submissions. The instructions below clarify this in more detail.

There are four stages to this process:

Stage 1: The instructor sets up a Turnitin Assignment in a Blackboard content area. This action automatically created a Grade Center column for the assignment.

Stage 2: The student uploads their work from within Blackbaord via the Turnitin Assignment link - the assignment is submitted to to create a Similarity Reportl

Stage 3: The instructor reviews students submissions by accessing the inbox for that assignment through the same Turnitin assingment link. An instructor can view Similarity Reports and access the Turntin Feedback Studio. Any marks entered through Feedback Studio are automatically written back to the Blackboard Grade Center.

Stage 4: The student accesses similarity reports (if permitted) and feedback on their assignment via the same Turnitin assignment link.