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Surveys and End of Module Feedback

Blackboard's survey tool provides the ability for instructors to gauge student opinion anonymously. Surveys are very similar to Blackboard tests, however they are ungraded and are completely anonymous, meaning that student responses cannot be linked back to individual students.

Surveys are also similar to tests in the sense that they must be created in the Survey Manager and subsequently deployed to a content area.

CELT have developed a short questionnaire that can be used to obtain quick feedback on modules or courses. You may use the questionnaires in their present form or you are welcome to personalise them.

The zip files can be imported directly into Blackboard as described in the 'how to add a survey' section.

How to Add a Survey
  1. Click Course Tools in the Control Panel.
  2. Choose Test, Survey, and Pools, then click Surveys.
  3. Click the Build Survey button
  4. Enter a Name for the survey.
  5. Type a Description (optional). The description is presented to students before they begin the survey.
  6. Enter Instructions, then click Submit (The instructions are presented to students during the survey).
  7. Click Question Settings if desired to select the default test options.
  8. Click the Create Question button to select the type of question. Opinion Scale/Likert is a commonly used survey question type.
  9. Enter the question and answer(s) depending on the question type.
  10. Click Submit.
  11. To create another question, repeat steps 8-10.
  12. Click OK.

If you want to use an existing survey such as the zip file provided, choose the Import Survey option instead of Build Survey at Step 3, and navigate to the survey on your computer.

How to Deploy a Survey
  1. Select a Content Area button.
  2. Click the Assessments in the Action bar at the top.
  3. Select Survey.
  4. Choose the survey you created.
  5. Click Submit.
  6. Click Yes for Make the Link Available.
  7. Select additional availability settings if necessary.
  8. Select appropriate Survey Feedback option(s).
  9. Set the Survey Presentation mode.
  10. Click Submit.
How to Access Survey Results

Results are accessed from the Grade Center although no grades are recorded. Results are only available as aggregated statistics, as the surveys are anonymous.

  1. Navigate to the Control Panel, Grade Center, Full Grade Center.
  2. Put the cursor on the column name of the survey.
  3. Click the options menu.
  4. Select Attempts Statistics. The questions and frequency for each answer are displayed.
  5. To download the results as an Excel document, select Download Results from the options menu.

Find out more about viewing Test and Survey Results on the Blackboard support site.