Create Blogs

Helping students navigate blog posts and comments

This section demonstrates the student view of a blog assignment on Blackboard and how these align with Blackboard grades

Blog Settings

Settings can be critical to assist students with navigating through other submissions and commenting in addition to posting their own. The settings can also align student-submitted blog entries directly with the Blackboard grade centre.

Edit your assignment settings by going to the module Control panel > Course tools > Blogs

Ensure that the blog is selected as "available" to students, or set to appear during your chosen dates.

Then, choose how often the blog will index the student submissions.

Choosing to index submissions monthly will place all student submissions together, reducing the need for students to navigate between indexed weeks.

Weekly indexing will group submissions based on the dates they were submitted, as seen in the image below.

To link the blog entries to the grade centre, choose the point value and select "marking". You may optionally include a rubric and to delay the "needs marking" alert until a student has submitted a specified number of entries.

Student Submission and Navigation

Once students enter the module, they can navigate to the blog link that will appear in the menu to the left, if created.

Use the + icon at the top left of the module menu to add a tool link. Add a title that will notify students this is where all blogs can be accessed.

All blogs will appear at this link, so there is no need to include separate links (i.e. blog week 1, blog week 2)

Here, students will see any available blogs associated with the module and can click the blog for which they need to submit their entry for the assignment.

2. Add a Content Area

Use the + icon at the top left of the module menu to add a new content area.

This method allows instructors to link to individual blogs. Create a title that reflects which blog students will be accessing when they click the link (i.e. Blog Week 1).

Submitting a Blog Entry

To add their contribution, students must click on Create Blog Entry. Only contributions submitted this way will be aligned with the grade centre.

To respond to and existing student contribution, students may click Comment. These comments will not be aligned with the grade centre.

Create Blog Entry opens up an editor that allows for text with customization for font, size, etc. Students may copy and paste or type their entry directly into the editor.

The Comment button is featured at the bottom right of each blog entry. Students may comment on other blog posts in text only.

For more information on blog assignments and Blackboard, see