Create a group sign up list

If you need to create a sign-up sheet for students, for example to enable them to register for an event, you can create a self-enrol group with a sign-up sheet.

Note: This feature replaces the previous sign up tool, which was a Building Block add on, developed by Durham University. This older tool is no longer compatible with our latest version of Blackboard Learn.  

Create the sign-up group

  1. Go to Control Panel > Users and Groups > Groups
  2. Choose Create > Single Group > Self-Enrol (or you can choose Group Set > Self-Enrol if you want to create several related sign-up sheets in one go, for example if there are multiple time slots to choose from).

3. Choose the option to create Sign-up Sheet Only

4. Enter a name for the sign-up sheet in the Sign-Up Options section. You can also enter sign-up instructions if necessary.

5. Enter the maximum number of students who can sign up and choose whether students will be able to see the names of other group members before they sign up.

6. Click Submit

Go to the area of your Blackboard course where you will allow students to sign up ("Learning Materials" recommended), then:

  1. Choose Tools  Groups from the menu at the top of the content area

2. Select the option to Link to a Group or Group Set and choose your new sign-up group from the list.

3. Click Next

4. Optionally add a text description, then click Submit to create the link.

Students can now click on the link to sign-up. It will show them the following message:

You can click on the link to see who has signed up.

Editing group settings

After having created a group, to increase or decrease the number of students in each group, you may adjust this value by going back to the Control Panel > Users and Groups > Groups.

There you may edit the value by choosing the menu next to the group name and selecting Edit Group.

This will bring up the group settings where you can change any setting. Avoid adjusting the value lower than the number of students that have already signed up for the group.