How to remove an Instructor

 Our Curriculum Manager System (Akari) handles all instructor enrolments on Blackboard. To remove an instructor on your course, you will need to remove them from Blackboard and also update the Akari system to make this action permanent. Find out how to remove an instructor on you Blackboard course, as per the instructions below. 

1. Remove from Blackboard

To remove an instructor from your Blackboard course, follow the following steps:

  1.  On the Control Panel, expand the Users and Groups section and select Users.
  2.  On the Users page, access a user's menu 
  3.  Change the User role from Instructor to Student
  4.  Next, select Remove Users From Course.
  5.    A pop-up window warns you that the action is final. Select OK to delete the user.

If you are removing a user from a course instance, once they are removed from Blackboard as per step 1 above, you will not need to undertake further action. However, if it is a module code, you will also need to check they are removed from Akari, as otherwise, Akari will rewrite in their enrolment when the two systems synchronise nightly.

2. Remove from Akari

You will also need to remove the instructor from the listed Module Instructors Akari, or the system will update nightly and re-enrol the instructor onto the module.

Select the name and click Delete.

If Akari is closed, you can log a ticket with the Servicedesk and ISS will remove you from your requested module.