How do I add my Kaltura video to my course?

Kaltura My Media is your personal storage repository. You can add, organise, and remove video, audio, and image files while preparing the content for students. When you're ready, you can then add the content to the course so all students and other course members have access.

Find out how to add your Kaltura Media to your course by either of the three methods below:

Please note that videos in your My Media area belong only to you unless you choose to add a Collaborator. If you wish for colleagues to also also use your videos, be sure to add them as a collaborator on the resource.

1. Build Content

You can add videos to your module in a content area by choosing: Build Content > Mashups > Kaltura Media.

In a content area, learning module, lesson plan, or folder, select Build Content to access the menu.

Select the Kaltura Media menu option to add link to it.

Find out how to upload or create a recording.

2. In the editor

You can also add Kaltura content directly to the editor in your course's assignments, tests, and documents.

  1. In the editor, select Mashups
  2. Select Kaltura Media
  3. Choose your file and add it.

On the Visual Editor, click on + icon:

Under Additional Tools look for Kaltura Media:

Click </> Embed:

Find the media and click Submit.

While Blackboard's course copy functionality is useful for replicating course structures, there are certain items that should never be copied. It is advised that you NEVER copy your videos to your new modules using Blackboard's course copy functionality. 

To ensure that your videos are working, please publish them to each new module, as per the options above.