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How to manage External Examiner access in Blackboard

There are various approaches  to providing External Examiners with access to the relevant materials  and areas in a Blackboard course. In general, you should first add them as a Marker, and then follow the approach that works best for you. 

Add the External Examiner as a Marker on the Blackboard course

Blackboard accounts for External Examiners are set up, upon request, by ISS, and you can add them to your  Blackboard course with the role of Marker. This role provides full  access to your course content and the Blackboard Grade Centre.

  • If you need a Blackboard account for your external examiner, please log a ticket with ISS ( under the category “01. Access to IT Services -> Request Access -> Temporary Account – External Examiner (T)” and provide start and end dates for the T-account to be valid between.
  • You will then be provided with the T-account login details (account number and password) which must be communicated to the external examiner in a secure fashion (e.g. over the phone).
  • Once the T-account has been created you will also need to give that T-account access the relevant module(s) in Blackboard, typically using the role of Marker.

Find out how to add the external examiner account to your Blackboard module.

Create a Smart View in the Grade Centre

When added to a Blackboard course as a Marker, the External Examiner  will have access to the Grade Centre and will be able to see all student  work submitted online. He or she may, however, need guidance as to  where to go to view students' summative work and  feedback. You may wish to simplify matters by creating a Smart View in the Grade Centre, containing only the relevant columns and a suitable selection of  students' work to review.​

For help with creating Smart Views see the Blackboard help site.

Download and send electronic copies of marked Turnitin work

In Turnitin, you can download GradeMark papers (i.e. including markers'  comments) as a zip file and upload them to your hidden External Examiner folder, or you can use FileSender these to the External Examiner. You  could download the papers for the whole class or selected students.

Note that as external examiner accounts do not have NUI Galway email addresses, they will be unable to access your Turnitin assignments on Blackboard directly on your course.

Using FileSender

The HEAnet FileSender service can also be used to share the examination scripts with your external examiners. You should login with your NUI Galway email address and password and note that any files sent using filesender must be encrypted (a simple tickbox in FileSender) and the password shared with the external examiner in a secure manner (e.g. over the phone).

For help on Filesender see

Data Protection

Please note that no NUI Galway personal data should be kept for any longer than is strictly needed for the purposes of performing External Examiner duties. Once these duties are complete any local copies of student examination files must be deleted.

See NUI Galway terms and conditions for external data processors:

Further Information

Further information regarding/for external examiners can be found at