Visibility of marks to students

Find out how to ensure marks are hidden from students until you are ready to release them.

In the Grade Centre, columns can be either hidden or visible to students. 

Final Mark

As indicated by the pink stroke beside the title, the Final Mark column is hidden from students by default. This column replace the whitesheets for returning results and should remain hidden from students.

Provisional Mark

The Provisional Mark column is not hidden from students by default. It should be hidden from students until you wish to release these marks, which is covered on the next page.  It is also set as their external grade as evidenced by the green tick beside the title.  This means that students can go to the Report Card widget on their Blackboard home page and view all their Provisional grades for their modules.

Showing and Hiding Columns

Please do not include the grade centre if you are using Blackboard's Course Copy functionality.

It will create duplicate columns that might result in marks not being returned correctly. 

As an Instructor or a Grader on a module, you are responsible for managing the information students can see.  Thus, we stress the importance of learning to show and hide columns..

By default, the Provisional column is not hidden from students.  You should hide this column until you are ready to release your marks, and this can be done as follows:

  • Click on the chevron beside the title and choose Edit Column Information
  • Scroll to the bottom of this page to the Options section, and select No in the Show this Column to Students option. Click Submit when you are finished making this change.
  • When you return to the Grade Centre, you will see that the column is now hidden as evidenced in the pink stroke beside the title.  Simply reverse this step to release this column to students when you are ready.