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How do I expand by course menu in Blackboard?

The course menu appears on the left side of your course window and is  the cornerstone for the organisation and navigation of your course.

Course menu collapsed:

If you cannot see the content items listed on the left-hand menu in your  course, it may be that your course menus are collapsed. You may see a  course that looks like this:

In order to restore the links to content in the menu, click on the arrow  next to the content area. You will then see the list of content in that  section as below.

Course menu has disappeared:

If you do not see the menu panel at all, it may have collapsed in  response to your screen size, for example if you have decreased the  width of the browser window on a computer, or if you are viewing the  course in a tablet.

Click the blue bar on the left-hand side of the window to see the  menu. If you do not want the menu to collapse, restore the browser  window to the full size of your screen and click the blue bar.


Collaped menu

Mobile responsive menu state:

At smaller widths, the menu will collapse, all components of Blackboard  page will be stacked, and a menu icon will be shown at the top left of  the screen. You can click this icon to expand the menu. If you are  seeing this on a desktop computer, you can make your window wider and  the standard interface will be restored.