hypothes.is in Blackboard

In 2022/23, a number of licenses have been purchased for hypothes.is in Blackboard. Simply follow the instructions below to begin using the social annotation tool within Blackboard.

This tool has been adopted and supported as part of the IUA Enhancing Digital Teaching and Learning project, which is managed locally by Kate Molloy Contact Kate for more information.  

What is hypothes.is?

Hypothesis is an easy-to-use pedagogical tool that enables students and teachers to have conversations in the margins of digital texts. Using social annotation gives you new ways to foster student success by building community, critical thinking, and a deeper understanding of readings.

Types of items you can annotate including open textbooks, articles, web pages and pdfs
What you can put in an annotation: text, links, images, emojis, video

Creating a Reading in Blackboard

In a content area, choose Build Content > Hypothesis. 

In the next window, you can add the title and criteria for the reading activity under Information. 

If you wish to mark the activity, choose Enable Evaluation and add a point value. This will create a column in the Blackboard Grade Centre. 

Choose Submit when you have added your information.  

Now, click back into the newly created Hypothesis activity to add the link to your reading. 

Please note that hypothes.is works best with openly accessible web pages

You can also choose a PDF file from a variety of hosted options. 

Pedagogical Resources

Looking for examples of annotation activities? A collection from a variety of disciplines is available from hypothes.is.

Student Guide

Are your students new to annotation? Share this user guide with them to get started