Create a calendar

Are you looking to share deadlines of assignments or significant events on your course with students?  You can use the course calendar to provide your students with a visual reminder of due dates of your course-related events.  

How do I add a course calendar to my Blackboard module?

On your Blackboard course, select +  and Tool Link to begin adding the calendar tool to the menu:

Choose Calendar from the drop down menu, and check the box to make it Available to Users.

Course items with due dates appear  automatically in the course calendar (e.g. tests and assignments), if you have specified these.  Common entries include upcoming tests, due dates for  assignments, or special lectures.

If you want to add a deadline for another event  you can manually add the event. Click on the day of the deadline in the calendar :

Provide the details. You can assign the event to a module using the drop-down link. It is set by default to the module of the Blackboard course you are viewing.

Course calendar events appear to all members of  the course. Only instructors can create course calendar events.

Note also that you can move a deadline of an event that is already created simply by selecting and moving it across the days

Watch a video about how to use the calendar