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How to create a OneNote Class notebook from Blackboard

Using a  popular standard called Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI), OneNote  Class Notebook can work with your Blackboard course.  This will enable you to use OneNote Class Notebook to create a shared notebook and link it to your course. Students enrolled in your Blackboard course can access the notebook automatically without you having to add their names.  This can be used to collect and grade assignments and give feedback directly within the OneNote ClassNotebook, and share documents with your students in different sections.

Note: You can only have 1 OneNote Class Notebook per module.

How to create a Class Notebook from with in Blackboard

How to access your Notebook after it is created

You can open the Notebook in OneNote (Application) or OneNote Online. You will have more capabilities by opening the Notebook in the OneNote Application. If in any doubt, you can access it by  launching it from Blackboard or opening it in Office365 first (Online), and will be given the option to select your own preference.

How do students access the Notebook?

Students click on the Class Notebook link in the module to access their individual Class Notebook space.

After accessing the ClassNotebook once, through Blackboard, the student can then opt to access it directly from their log in in a browser, or from the OneNote application on their computer.

Viewing your students Class Notebook work

Each student who clicks the Class Notebook link in the module will have  their own Class Notebook space. In the instructor view all students will  be listed in the main menu.

Instructors can access a student Class Notebook by clicking the name of  the student. This will expand the student area showing sections, pages  and any content that they have added to their Notebook.

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