Grade Centre Overview

The Blackboard Grade Centre is essentially a centralised location for recording and providing students' grades for a variety of assessments, including assignments, tests, discussion board posts, journals, blogs, and wikis. However, is is also a dynamic and interactive tool, allowing instructors to record data, calculate grades, provide feedback, and monitor student progress. This chapter will provide a brief overview of the grade centre, including access, student preview, marking, and organising your grade centre columns.

The Blackboard Grade Centre resembles a spreadsheet. Each row represents a user in your course, and each column includes information for assessment items such as an assignment, test, graded blog entry, or survey. This is where you access your student submissions for grading.

You can  provide grades and comments directly on the Grade Centre page, on the Grade Details page.

You are able to customize your  view of the Grade Centre and create grading schemas, grading periods,  categories, and columns to present and gather the information you need.

Instructors can also create grade columns for any activities or requirements that require grading but do not require submission through Blackboard, such as special projects, participation, or attendance.

Access the Grade Centre

You access the Grade Centre from the Control Panel. Expand the Grade Centre section to display the links to the Needs Grading page, the Full Grade Centre, and the smart views (e.g. Assignments, tests, groups etc).

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Student Preview

The Student Preview feature in Blackboard allows instructors to see the course exactly as a student would. While turning the Edit Mode to OFF, Blackboard shows content areas as they would appear to students. However, this does NOT allow the instructor to view groups from a student view, to view the My Grades link, submit assignments, or to view assigned grades.

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